Lewis Hamilton: Child Prodigy Turned F1 Star

As a child, we mean, more of a child than he is now, well before being a superstar of the racetrack, Lewis Hamilton was already in the limelight. The McLaren-Mercedes driver may be the biggest thing to happen for British F1 fans since Damon Hill claimed the championship 12 years ago, but how has the 23-year-old become so successful? As with most superstars of any sport, it all started at a very young age. This clip from a 1997 BBC program, features an interview with a young Lewis, chronicles his early career from racing remote-controlled cars at the age of six, to his early meeting with McLaren boss Ron Dennis. So much for our dreams of being an F1 driver, it's a bit too late to start now. [via GridCrasher]


Like many british F1 fans, I can't stand the guy. Not because he's black, but because he's an arrogant fecker who thinks because he's a bit talented he is the undisputed king of F1.