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Mosley Stands By His Spec Engine Plan For F1 Racing

Illustration for article titled Mosley Stands By His Spec Engine Plan For F1 Racing

FIA president Max Mosley, having put all that Nazi fetish prostitution scandal business behind him, is back promoting his cost-cutting spec engine plan for Formula One. Mosley appears convinced that F1 must develop technologies that can make their way to everyday cars in order to remain relevant — technologies like KERS and other energy-recovery techniques. Says Mosely: "[Using spec engines] will give F1 far more relevance and credibility than the use of vastly expensive racing engines, or extremely light and sophisticated gearboxes, both of which are almost entirely irrelevant to modern road transport." Heresy! But we also understand where he's coming from. It's interesting that Mosley is promoting energy-efficient programs as the future of F1 racing, and it shows quite a bit of foresight. After all, kinetic energy recovery as developed under grueling race conditions has a good chance of resulting in improved systems for road-going cars. The question is, will race fans give a damn about how one team's KERS system is giving them an extra second per lap, or would they rather hear a tiny pneumatic-valve V8 spinning at 10,000 RPM as the driver bangs through a seven-speed sequential 'box? []


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Rob Emslie

Yes Herr Mistress, they will only use production-based engines.


Yes, mistress, hybrid technology is good in racing, unchecked technology ist verboten.


Oh, yes mistress, I've been a bad little Goebbels, please let me smell the fetid sensuousness of your leather boots.


No, flappy-paddle gearboxes are für Schweine.


Thank you mistress, you've made me foul mein Fischnetz!