Shots From Singapore Formula 1 Night Race Show An Amazing Light Show

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This past weekend's Singapore Grand Prix, the first-ever night race in Formula One, was guaranteed to grab the attention of even the most disenfranchised F1 fan. But why is that exactly? In a word, "unpredictability." The clear reason so many people have become bored with F1 is not because the cars aren't fast enough, and probably not chiefly because of the lack of overtaking either. It's because you already know what's going to happen before the race even starts. Not so with Singapore. Highlights video (with spoliers) after the jump. Yes, F1 has been degraded to a soap opera. The only drama is the interaction between the characters, and if you haven't been watching every episode for the past few seasons, you'll be lost and bored. But even your mother would have been fascinated by the Singapore GP. The local TV ratings in Singapore were higher for the race than they were for the Beijing Olympics' opening ceremony. Just looking at the track, which seemed like it'd be visible from space, you could have easily believed it was the setting for some Hollywood sci-fi movie set. It wasn't just the track either; the entire city was interwoven through it and glowing proudly. As for the race itself, we won't ruin it for you if you've still yet to watch it, but full results can found here. Click to view
[via Axis Of Oversteer] [photo: Reuters via dailymail]