Here's What Being Electrocuted By A Formula One Race Car KER System Looks Like

Remember when that mechanic for BMW Sauber's F1 team got electrocuted after he touched their KERS-equipped (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) Formula One car? Now we've got video. True, it wasn't enough to kill the poor guy, but still a pretty rough day if you're that mechanic, right? No, there weren't any giant lightning bolts emanating from the car as we had hoped, but "shocking" nonetheless. [Gridcrasher]


I got a hellacious zap from an electric dryer once, following my usual safety protocols (quick and dirty but nothing foolish). Run the new belt, then put it together enough to bump the motor and be sure the belt doesn't slip off. Like usual with this particular model of dryer, the belt slipped off. FORGOT ALL ABOUT pulling the plug again.

I'm okay now.

I really feel for Sparky the Galvanic Mechanic. As bad as the zap is, I'll bet he's glad he wasn't leaning the family jewels against the car.