Exclusive: Texas Man Rebuilds $1.5 Million Ferrari Enzo Destroyed By Eddie Griffin

As part of the run-up PR-fest for Redline, a schlock-fest of a movie, actor Eddie Griffin "lost control" ( can someone say "publicity stunt?" ) of a $1.5 million Ferrari Enzo and crashed it in spectacularly excruciating fashion. The car suffered major front end damage and most considered it totaled due to the… »8/11/08 12:40pm8/11/08 12:40pm

Jalopnik Morning Mourning: Pics of the Dead Redline Enzo

Let me first dispel a few myths. Most important, the car actor Eddie Griffin crashed into a wall, and that is now garishly on display in front of the Grauman Chinese Theater in Los Angeles, is indeed 100% Ferrari Enzo Ferrari. There is no doubt. I touched it. I smelled it. I took about 75 pictures of the poor… »4/11/07 9:30am4/11/07 9:30am

Question Of The Day: What Would You Stick The Enzo Engine Into?

Eddie Griffin's moderate-speed publicity stunt wipeout of real estate-monger turned B-movie producer Daniel Sadek's gazillion dollar Ferrari means two things. Carbon fiber, while totally light and high tech, sort of blows because a "just needs a bit o'Bondo" smashup like Understeering Brother managed to hoon means… »3/29/07 4:00pm3/29/07 4:00pm

Hoon Of The Day: It's The Ferrari Enzo-Killer, Eddie Griffin...Duh

Although we'd love to just continue showing the Ferrari Enzo crash footage over and over and over again, we thought it best to just show you the three minute preview of "Redline" instead. Because once you know it was the wet dreams of real estate mogul Daniel Sadek that provided the Torque-like desire and money for… »3/27/07 3:45pm3/27/07 3:45pm

Another Enzo Bites The Dust, This Time With Eddie Griffin At The Wheel

Details are somewhat murky, and we're hearing conflicting reports all centering around one truism — people who don't know how to drive should not drive the Ferrari Enzo. You will crash it, and we will be out one less absolutely magnificent vehicle. Case in point would be actor Eddie Griffin, who apparently just helped… »3/27/07 1:01am3/27/07 1:01am