Question Of The Day: What Would You Stick The Enzo Engine Into?

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Eddie Griffin's moderate-speed publicity stunt wipeout of real estate-monger turned B-movie producer Daniel Sadek's gazillion dollar Ferrari means two things. Carbon fiber, while totally light and high tech, sort of blows because a "just needs a bit o'Bondo" smashup like Understeering Brother managed to hoon means the car is totaled. Scrap. Headed for the proverbial junkyard in the sky. But the "accident" also means that another perfectly ballistic 65-degree, 6.0-liter V12 good for 650 horsepower is collecting dust in one of Southern California's many sun-drenched warehouses. To give you a modicum of perspective, AMG needs two intercooled turbochargers hooked up to the same size engine to generate 612 ponies (never mind the TORQUE!) in the just-about-here CL65. So, what do we do with such a mad motivator? Mr. G. Johnson has convinced me that the Enzo engine would be perfectly at home in the back of a WRX wagon. I'm doubly sure of this as I got smoked by an STI just yesterday. But, do you have a better idea?


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Larry Forney FTW!

I've always wanted to stick a 600 horse Falconer V12 in an old Jag XJ, but an Enzo motor? That's a different animal.

Assuming I'd need to keep the transaxle ("Hello, Pep Boys? Do you sell a bellhousing to adapt a GM T400 to a Ferrari Enzo V12? ... No? Okay, thanks!"), then that means going mid-engined. So, I think the plan would go something like this:

1. Cut the floor out of the bed of a 1978 Dodge Li'l Red Express, which, in its original paint is already the proper color for Ferrari hoonage.

2. Install Enzo engine/trans/rear suspension assembly between frame rails.

3. Fabricate and install custom exhaust headers that route forward to the original smokestack exhausts.

3 (a). Install injectors and plugs at the top of aforementioned smokestacks, so I can have them belch two foot flames, to the accompaniment of a wailing Italian V12, at my fancy.

4. Cover bed with plexiglass bed cover to display engine.

5. Die in spectacular fashion on initial test drive. Attain immortality via this site and the Darwin Awards.