Did You Hear About the Prancing Rambler?

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Now and then, an enterprising hot-rod head suddenly thinks, "What if I put a freakin' Ferrari motor in this thing?" Many of Los Jalopniks have had this thought, but this visionary with a buttload of taste and a surprisingly-correct sense of perfect went the extra mile and acted on it, having the mill from a wrecked 360 Modena dropped into the back of a Rambler wagon. We think it looks perfect as it stands; as if an enterprising teenager with fab skills hit the junkyard, found a T-boned amalgam of Enzo's finest and applied it to his own ride. Word to the builder and owner: keep that vibe. [Thanks to Haller for the tip.]


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That is absolutly insane. Perhaps not the car *I* would have chosen... but props anyhow. Normally id try to think of a clever analogy, like saying... thats like shoe-horning a cat's brain into a mouse head... but thats... Like putting a Modena engine in the back of a frickin' Rambler wagon!