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After the earlier post heapin' hosannas on the Citro n DS, reader Ed D noted that we had, in fact done a bit on a hot-rodded ID (the DS' cheaper sister) under construction. What we didn't notice before is that it's being built by Kevin Bradley of Kreations, up in Humboldt County. Kevin's a good guy, and in the interests of full disclosure, we once designed an ad for him featuring a solid '73 Vette he built. Except he wasn't so into the KISS theme we applied to the ad, which we thought was sorta the piece de resistance. Whatevs. Kev builds solid vehicles, and even if we think the thing should be rolling on Minilites instead of dumb billet-roundies, this is still a pretty cool project; we can't wait to see the completed car.

1964 Citroen ID19 Hot Rod

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