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Spinelli and I were sitting at Starbucks yesterday watching the crash over and over, considering the propensity for understeer those damned wonderful Ferrari Enzos have. Simultaneously we were attempting to answer our own nagging doubts over why someone would erect a concrete divider that close to the track and why it seemed like the "Understeering Brother" was so composed after the accident. It appears we're not the only ones who had some doubts. The star-lovers over at TMZ are asking a question today that we're going to put to you. Was the Undercover Brother doing some Oscar-worthy acting in order to build some publicity for the Daniel Sadek-produced "Redline?" We've re-included the gallery from yesterday below and the compilation video above for further reference. Oh, and by the way...remember...Save The Enzos, save the world. [Hat tip to J.D.!]


Was Griffin's Crash a Hoax? []


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