The First Autonomous Car Track Day Will Push Driverless Cars To Their Limits

Joshua Schachter knows a thing or two about going fast. He’s an avid Spec Miata racer and part owner of the Aston Martin-slinging TRG racing team. But the Silicon Valley entrepreneur and investor’s latest venture isn’t about getting humans to go fast in cars—it’s about making cars go fast by themselves, and it’s open…

Toyota's 'Guardian Angel' Would Grab the Steering Wheel From Humans to Prevent a Crash

Self-driving cars, as popularized by the likes of Google and Tesla, are meant to be transportation bubbles that operate free of any human interference. But full autonomy isn’t the only option, and Toyota is investing in a system that would use computers as an aid to human drivers, not a replacement.

Who Do You Root For When No One's Driving An Autonomous Race Car?

Roborace, the new autonomous racing series that will run alongside Formula E, will surely be a masterful technical exercise that showcases the bleeding edge of modern artificial intelligence technology. Will it be any fun to watch? Given that most of what I love about racing involves a human element, I’m not sold yet.


Google's Self-Driving Car Unit Will Be A Standalone Company In 2016, Could Challenge Uber 

If you thought of Google’s adorable panda-like driverless car as a glorified science experiment until now, get ready to change your mind. According to reports within the company, Google is set to make its driverless car program a standalone “Alphabet” business in 2016—the biggest sign yet that driverless cars are…