Man Accused Of Proudly, Drunkenly Surfing A 'Driverless' Car

Photo: YouTube via People’s Daily in China

Late last month, Chinese police arrested a (drunk) man who stood on top of a car that traveled about one-third of a mile in the city of Bengbu, according to The People’s Daily. I don’t know, maybe sticking his head out the window and drunkenly screaming for joy wasn’t good enough. But at least he looks proud.


The man had just closed a “big deal at a dinner party,” People’s Daily says, so he decided to take a joyride from the future—proudly standing atop a “driverless” car, arms at his waist, beaming to the world: I, businessman, closed a Sweet Deal.

Honestly, he pulled off quite a feat. The Daily, citing police, say the man controlled the steering wheel using his feet through the sunroof, and managed to safely traverse a crossing. I surely would’ve fallen on my ass.

As CNET points out, driverless cars are banned on public roads in China—and the description of how police discovered the guy makes it clear that he wasn’t operating a fully-autonomous, driverless car from the future. He was just standing on the roof of his normal car. From The People’s Daily:

The man immediately jumped back to the driver’s seat and attempted to drive away when he discovered the police.

When police caught up to him, they arrested the driver on charges of reckless driving and driving under the influence. He faces up to six-months in jail, the Daily notes. All for this:

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Boy this would raise some interesting legal questions here. Could you technically get a DUI if you are standing on your car’s roof and it is driving itself.

“But officer, I wasn’t actually driving, nor was I in the car at the time”