2010 Nissan Cube Gets Accidental Unveil On Japanese Transport Truck

The 2010 Nissan Cube »11/18/08 12:30pm11/18/08 12:30pm, bound for US sales and an unveil tomorrow, has been revealed in these pictures of a car transit to somewhere in Japan posted on the forum. The new Cube retains its asymmetrical look while at the same time managing to look a bit sleeker than its predecessor. The grille shrinks a bit and the…

Nissan Cube USA Website Goes Live Complete With "Free" T-Shirt Offer

The preview website for the US-bound Nissan Cube »8/20/08 12:30pm8/20/08 12:30pm has gone live, complete with a -esque long-lead countdown timer. Ninety days out from the reveal, the website gives us a peek at the Cube's marketing direction, which seems to be a second-year art-school student's wet dream. It's stacked deep with snappy animations,…

Popular Mechanics Drives The Nissan EV-02 Electric Cube

We've told you about Nissan's new electric concepts. Now the trendy technicians over at Popular Mechanics have actually flown to Japan to drive the electrified Nissan Cube, the EV-02, and lived to tell the story. The lithium-ion battery-powered box on wheels is said to be just the start of Nissan's big li'l electric… »8/07/08 2:20pm8/07/08 2:20pm

Not-Available-Here Econobox Shootout: 500 Vs. Hornet Vs. Cube

We're all now apparently destined to give up our delightful gas-guzzling luxury boats (again) and dump our super-sized SUVs in favor of wearably small fuel sippers. It seems, thanks to news yesterday that the Dodge Hornet's still in the mix and planning to head stateside, that at least a few automakers are trying to… »6/12/08 9:40am6/12/08 9:40am

Nissan Cube Coming To US, Electric Version Still A Concept

The Nissan Denki Cube Concept is something you've probably already seen. In fact, you probably saw it this morning when we caught the electric Nissan Cube sunning itself in advance of its press conference. What did we learn at the press conference? Fleet-use electric vehicles by 2010 and commercial vehicles by 2012.… »3/21/08 10:15am3/21/08 10:15am

Nissan To Unveil All Electric Denki Cube At New York Auto Show

Nissan is planning on sticking a finger in the eye of every fuel cell and hybrid toting automaker at next weeks' New York Auto Show when they unveil the Nissan Denki Cube. The all-electric Denki is named for the Japanese word for electric and will be trumping the other manufacturers in its earth friendly marketing… »3/17/08 6:15pm3/17/08 6:15pm

Report: Nissan to Launch Cube, Two More Subcompacts in the US

The Cube is coming to the US. We've been hearing that (and its inverse) for nigh on two years. But if Japan's financial newspaper Nikkei is to be believed, a restyled Cube, along with two additional subcompacts, could hit these shores (and Europe's) as early as 2008. Long the favored hookup spot for Japanese youths,… »5/24/07 8:01am5/24/07 8:01am