Jealous of our Fiesta Movement and outraged at our frequent anti-Canada jokes, north-of-the-border auto site AutoNorth plans to invade the US in a Nissan Cube like its 1812.

Similar to the Fiesta Movement, the Canadians are having a "Hypercube" contest to win a 2009 Nissan Cube, and AN has thrown down the gauntlet:

Some of you folks that follow AutoNorth (and thanks for doing so) might also read a little blog down in the lower 48 called Jalopnik. One of their regular contributors, Diddles McGee, seems to have gotten on Scott Monty's bad side and will be burdened with a German-built Ford Fiesta.

The Germans, up to their eyeballs in Warsteiner and sauerkraut, figured they would take some delight in cobbling together a hundred Ford Fiestas. The quality of the cars was too sub par to sell them in the Old World, so they figured they would dump them in the States and see what would happen. Voila! Fiesta Movement!

Congrats, Andrew! You finally have a car that no American will ever ask you the keys for, so long as gas stays at $2/gallon.


But, in Canada, we are one-upping the Fiesta Movement. Actually, we are blowing it away. As we mentioned a few times before, AutoNorth has put their name in the hat for a chance to receive a Nissan Cube with the hypercube contest, where 50 creative and talented Canadians get the chance to go home with a brand new car. And guess what, Mini Ray? We'll get to keep it!



[Read the rest of the rant from frequent Jalop commenter and infrequent Canadian Mark Stevenson at AutoNorth]