Mortality, fatherhood, and a '67 MGB. 

You know your dad isn’t forever, right? I remember the first time I realized he wouldn’t always be there - a sudden drop in weight thanks to a hyperactive thyroid thinned Dad out, made him seem less substantial. He bounced back of course, but it shook me up for a while. He was always just there, the rock, the oak, the… » 6/19/15 10:25am 6/19/15 10:25am

Slight Bump In The Classic Car Market NOBODY PANIC

I am not, in any way, shape, or form, a certified financial advisor, nor a wealth management planner. (Not in this country, anyway.) That being said, INVESTING PRO TIP: The classic car market is in the midst of an enormous bubble. Get out while you still can. Case (probably not) in point, the market just took its… » 6/16/15 10:35am 6/16/15 10:35am

Staggering Texas Barn Find Could Contain Up To $700,000 Worth Of Relics

There are barn finds, and then there are hidden caches of treasure so precious as to attract the descendants of Spanish conquistadors. This is the latter, and it contains gold like a prototype Cadillac V12 convertible. Estimated sale price? Up to $350,000, and that’s just the one car. There are four others, including… » 5/07/15 2:40pm 5/07/15 2:40pm

Iceland's Antique Car Club May Just Be The Best Car Club In The World

I'm making a pretty big claim in that headline there. There's so many incredible car clubs in the world, but I think if you factor in all the things stacked against Iceland having any sort of viable vintage car scene at all, what these dedicated kooks in Iceland are doing becomes even more impressive. » 1/29/15 4:30pm 1/29/15 4:30pm