At $13,500, Is This 1975 BMW 2002 A Neue Klasse Act?

Photo: Craigslist
Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

The dealer offering today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe 2002 claims it’s a blast to drive. Let’s see if this old school Neue Klasse coupé’s price is worth blasting a hole in your bank account.

I like how in Rick and Morty—the animated bizarro world version of Back to the Future’s Doc Brown and Marty—they make Morty’s dad an even bigger loser than the movie’s George McFly. I do wish they’d make some self-aware comment about the movie’s DeLorean since, well… that’d be fun.


Speaking of DeLoreans and fun, did you find yesterday’s 1982 DMC-12 to be a hoot? No, you found it more of a scam? Well, they do say that comedy plus time equals tragedy, so perhaps it’s not an unexpected outcome that old iconic gullwing earned a tragic 78 percent Crack Pipe loss at its $22,000 Canadian price. I guess the scammers will have to work harder to pull one over on you.

Work—of the employment, pay me actual money kind—is a good thing. It’s what keeps food on the table and, hopefully, our cars running. If you’re an actor or entertainer of some other ilk that work can be sporadic, meaning you may not know when you’ll eat or if you’d even have a car. David Letterman had a pretty good gig for a number of years, but he also took up the occasional side hack for good measure. One of those was his famously uneven effort hosting the 1995 Oscars in which he belabored a painfully misconceived Uma Thurman/Oprah Winfrey joke until it was on life support.

The Oprah-Uma joke resonates even into the modern era as one of the weirdest, most uncomfortable experiences in Oscar history, and in its honor, I’d like to introduce this 1975 BMW 2002… in 2020. 2002, meet 2020. 2020, meet 2002.


See? This time it totally works.

Okay, enough of the intellectual humor, let’s get to this car, because I don’t think the selling dealer really knows what to make of it.


That dealer offers the claim that this tidy-seeming Sahara over beige ’02 “looks to be an all-original car.” Perhaps they’re m not be looking at the same car we are, or maybe they’re just not all that familiar with the model.


If they were, they might have noticed the later-model sports seats that have been mounted in the cabin. Or, perhaps they might have made it a point to take note of the aftermarket air intake under the hood. At the very least they should have known that nicely crafted as it seems, the termite feast on either side of the shifter is not an OEM attribute.


Okay, so it has had some work done over the years. It’s not too unexpected that a small used car dealer might not be up to speed on all the arcane details of a 45-year old foreign car. That’s why we’re here to help.

Now, aside from the few noted oddities, the car seems to be in really good shape. These do have a rep for rust (check those shock mounts!) but this 116,000-mile example looks appreciably solid.


The paint, while not the most thrilling of colors, seems clean and without issue, as does—mostly—the interior. Badges front and rear are faded as they do over time, and there is a knob missing from the original dealer-installed A/C inside. Other issues include the aforementioned seats. Those are wrong for the model, but do look okay in the car. The engine has that puny air cleaner over the carb and no tubing from either the cold air inlet nor a start-up heater over the exhaust. That all might need to be rectified if you live somewhere cold.


The car wears Classic Vehicle plates and is said to have been owned by the same family for the past 15 years, during which time it has enjoyed “periodic maintenance.” The title is clean and according to the ad the engine shows good compression. Also, in case you were wondering/horrified about that black blast on the fuel filler cap, that’s the exhaust soot from some other car that was unfortunately started up next to the Bimmer and hadn’t been cleaned off before the ad’s pics were snapped.


If you’re unfamiliar with the 2002 market these days, allow me to provide edification—it’s pretty insane. Clapped out rust buckets can go for five figures, while a pristine restored Tii presently listed on eBay is asking five hundred-shy of fifty grand. Will any of these actually trade hands at these askings? Only time will tell. We don’t have the luxury of time so we’ll have to decide right now whether this ’75 2002 is worth its more modest $13,500 asking.

What do you think, could this classic Bimmer be worth that asking? Or, is this a Neue Klasse that’s not getting your cash?


You decide!


Fairfield, NY Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to Brad B for the hookup!

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