At $22,000, Canadian, Could This 1982 DeLorean DMC-12 Be A 2020 Vision?

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Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

There’s probably no more iconic car than the ill-fated DeLorean DMC-12, and while today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe edition doesn’t look safe enough to hit anything close to 88 miles per hour, it’s the price might just make it an icon worth working on.

Old Volvos like the 1974 140 two-door we closed out the old year with on Tuesday may have a rep for durability and longevity, but like a cranky old fart yelling for more butter pecan syrup at the IHOP, you have to wonder if somethings should last that long.


With Tuesday’s car, we all also asked if $5,000 was a fair price for the stoic but flawed coupé and the answer came back a resounding “no.” In fact, 67 percent of you gave the car a thumb’s down for a year-closing Crack Pipe loss. Oh well on to a new—and hopefully appreciably better—new year. Let’s start off with some film buffery.

Okay, should you be a fan of the cult movie The Warriors, then you are no doubt familiar with the film’s most famous scene wherein David Patrick Kelly’s rival gang leader character clinks together beer bottles on his fingertips and invites the titular Coney Island mob to join him in some early morning cross-town rivalry.

I love that scene and I also love emulating it whenever I see a group of DeLoreans gathered together. I’ll grab some bottles and call out to them “Deloreeeeans, come out and plaa-aay. Come out and plaa-aa-aa-aay!”

Now that we’ve established just how “normal” I am, let’s have a look at this 1982 DeLorean DMC-12 and see if it’s worth playing around with.


This car is located in Toronto, Canada, a city in which I once had one of the best desserts of my life—a slice of pear and Stilton pie. Yum! The DeLorean looks a bit less yummy despite its condition being rated by its seller as “excellent” in its ad.


What’s not excellent? Well, have a look, if you will. The ad is a little vague on the details, but it is noted that this DMC-12 has been out of service—or just minimally maintained—for some quite some time.

The ad does Wiki its way through some of the standard DeLorean specs, but then makes some odd references to “The selling dealer” as though in some sort of unofficial agency of the actual party in possession of the car. The ad notes things like “The selling dealer recommends the replacement of the tires and brake fluid due to age” and “The cabin is trimmed in gray leather, which is split and worn on both seats. The selling dealer also mentions stained carpeting, cracks and discoloration on the dash, and a sagging headliner.”


Okay, so that’s kind of weird and to be honest, doesn’t sound like an excellent car at all.


The pics prove that point with sun-bleaching on the plastic end caps and some panel gap issues on the froot lid. The doors do seem to work, and I like the ad’s description of them being “supported by cryogenically-preset torsion bars and gas-charged struts.” I’m going to start including the phrase ‘cryogenically-preset’ into all my daily interactions. You know, to spice things up.


On the plus side, the ad notes a new clutch and rear main having been installed a little more than a year ago, plus work to the HVAC and electrics. The PRV (no, you’re thinking of Pabst Blue Ribbon) V6 was never a powerhouse, but with only 130 ponies to play with you’re less likely to get in trouble with the DMC-12’s terrible rearward weight bias. The factory attempted to address that a bit by increasing the size of the rear wheels and tires over that of the fronts. That makes getting tires for the factory alloys a pain in the ass, and it should be reiterated that the selling dealer recommends. new tires. They also recommend new brake fluid, although I’d want to go a step further and do all the components. Fortunately, those are readily available and not terribly expensive.


The car comes with a clean title and a $22,000 price tag which you’ll be happy to learn is in Canadian dollars. In U.S. moolah that works out to about $16,800, while those of you with Euros burning holes in your pockets will need to set aside around $15,000€.

What do you think, is this DeLorean worth that kind of cash? Or, has this one been sitting on the bench too many years for it to ask that much to come out and play in the new year?


You decide!


Toronto, ON Canada Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to RevUnlimiter for the hookup!

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