C. Robert Kidder To Succeed Nardelli As Chairman Of Chrysler Group, LLC

Chrysler LLC announced today C. Robert Kidder, former Chairman of Borden Chemical Inc. and Duracell (yes, the battery maker) will become Chairman of Chrysler Group LLC after completing its acquisition of the operating assets of Chrysler LLC and completing a global alliance with Fiat, succeeding Bob "The Builder"… »5/20/09 4:00pm5/20/09 4:00pm

Sen. Carl Levin Thinks Feds Could Help With GM-Chrysler Merger

Michigan Senator Carl Levin remarked during a local debate Monday that the federal government might be agreeable to greasing the squeaky wheel in any GM takeover of Chrysler »10/21/08 2:40pm10/21/08 2:40pm, reports the . "No other country in the world would stand by and watch major corporations go under this way without trying to do something about…

Chrysler Planning To Bring Nine New Vehicles To Market By 2010

Concerns about Chrysler's lack of upcoming product are unfounded, reports the Detroit Free Press »9/11/08 8:40am9/11/08 8:40am. Chrysler President and Vice Chairman Jim Press has promised at least seven new models for 2010, with as many as nine possible during a period he called Chrysler's upcoming "product renaissance." So how come Chrysler's new…

Chrysler Announces "Shop 'Til You Drive" Promotion, Attempts To Make Purchasing As Cheap As Leasing

Following the suspension of leasing by Chrysler Financial, Chrysler LLC has announced a new strategy to lower vehicle purchase payments to about the same price point that consumers were accustomed to with leasing. In addition to a model year-end promotion called "Shop 'Til You Drive," Chrysler will be expanding the… »8/01/08 3:20pm8/01/08 3:20pm

New Chrysler Minivans Selling So Well They're Closing The Factory

Come Halloween, Chrysler will idle its St. Louis South minivan plant indefinitely. And, just so the 1,500 employees at St. Louis South are clear about the meaning of "idle indefinitely," co-president Tom LaSorda said, "We see no intent to rerun this plant. We're idling it and it will likely be fully closed." »7/01/08 11:00am7/01/08 11:00am

Iacocca Arrives At Chrysler As Bankruptcy Rumors Swirl; Time Travel Perfected

Former chairman Lee Iacocca gave a closed pep rally to Chrysler employees yesterday in Auburn Hills, once again sharing the stage with a K-car, a minivan...and rumors of Chrysler's imminent bankruptcy. While current CEO Bob Nardelli was praising Iacocca as "Chrysler's most dynamic leader" and "a great American,"… »6/27/08 10:30am6/27/08 10:30am

Nardelli: Cerberus Not Second-Guessing Chrysler Purchase. What About CEO Choice?

Cerberus Capital Management is not second-guessing its 2007 purchase of Chrysler from Daimler, and the the business is "on track," Chrysler LLC CEO Robert Nardelli said Tuesday at a Wall Street Journal press conference. Nardelli has been facing speculation that Cerberus got in over its head with the Chrysler purchase,… »6/12/08 1:20pm6/12/08 1:20pm

Nardelli: Chrysler to Create "Skunk Works" for Mid-Size Vehicle Development

Who knew Chrysler would drop so far in the mid-size market that new CEO Bob Nardelli would find it necessary to create a "skunk works" team comprising every piece of the vehicle development process in order to come up with the company's next-generation mid-size vehicles. Apparently the Sebring wasn't quite the bee's… »1/23/08 6:45am1/23/08 6:45am