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Concerns about Chrysler's lack of upcoming product are unfounded, reports the Detroit Free Press. Chrysler President and Vice Chairman Jim Press has promised at least seven new models for 2010, with as many as nine possible during a period he called Chrysler's upcoming "product renaissance." So how come Chrysler's new lineup has been kept such a secret? "We don't have enough money for a PR stunt. All we have is enough money to build a car that we can sell," Press said during a San Francisco speech. We're going to assume he meant "enough money to build nine cars that we can sell." A look at what's coming after the jump. Regarding the number of new models coming, analysts seem to think the real number will be closer to five, with "nine" referring to total vehicles including variations on a single platform. Auburn Hills apparently isn't taking the Chevy Volt for granted either: According to the Freep, dealers have been shown "post-prototype" electric vehicles Chrysler is reportedly working on, meaning the company may be closer to an EV or plug-in hybrid than critics think. It's hard to believe that such a groundbreaking vehicle could be kept so quiet, but when asked, Press took a swipe at GM's Volt launch process, saying "they've been selling the Volt now for five years." So, we know Chrysler still has its swagger. Let's see some product to back it up. [Freep]


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