Turn Your Chrysler Into A Wi-Fi Hotspot This August

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Chrysler announced earlier in the year their intention to offer in-vehicle WiFi capability, and we'll be damned if they didn't actually go and do it. Beginning in August, customers will be able to get in-vehicle wireless Internet connectivity across nearly the entire Chrysler product line — even if it's not an Avis rental car. The technology will be bundled under the UConnect name, and is intended to compete with the Ford/Microsoft Sync system. Before you cancel your DSL, note that the router module will cost $449, plus another $50 for installation (which should really be free if you're offering to take a Sebring off their hands), and then add $29 per month for Web access. Add a coffeemaker and the office just got one step closer to irrelevance.


Chrysler says the in-car WiFi will be available wherever cellular service is offered (pretty much anywhere you can take a car these days) and have a a range of about 100 feet. The system's range capability means you won't actually have to be in your car to use the system — no doubt a huge relief to Caliber owners.


Rob Emslie

So if I'm paying $30/month for my home broadband, and $30/month for a cell phone data plan, I can now spend $30/month for WiFi in my ChryChry? This internet thing is getting damn expensive.