Nardelli: Chrysler to Create "Skunk Works" for Mid-Size Vehicle Development

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Who knew Chrysler would drop so far in the mid-size market that new CEO Bob Nardelli would find it necessary to create a "skunk works" team comprising every piece of the vehicle development process in order to come up with the company's next-generation mid-size vehicles. Apparently the Sebring wasn't quite the bee's knees. Who knew?


Nardelli, speaking at the Automotive News World Congress, would not say what the vehicle would be but Chrysler is already introducing the Dodge Journey, a mid-size vehicle, to world markets this year. Bob "The Builder" Nardelli also announced the new midsize team will be headed by Michael Donoughe, who has recently been vice president of body on frame and core team leader of product development. Here's to hoping Donoughe's next vehicle is more of a looker than the Journey. [Automotive News]

Photo Credit: Bill Pugliano / Getty Images News

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This is better then their previous design tactic of locking a depressed accountant in a room with an obese NASCAR fan and telling them to design what each thinks the other wants.