Maldonado vs. Button Was The Real Battle Of The Chinese Grand Prix

If you only concentrated on the winner of the Formula One Chinese Grand Prix, you'd hate this race. Lewis Hamilton nabbed pole and ran away with the win from there. Yawn. Only Mercedes teammate Nico Rosberg was anywhere close. No, the real battle was this crazy back-and-forth dogfight for thirteenth place. »4/12/15 11:25am4/12/15 11:25am


Dude Narrowly Avoids Getting Run Over By Formula One Cars In Practice

If there's one place you don't want to hop onto, it's on an active race track. It does not end well. In most battles of Man vs. Car, man will typically lose. If you're going to be a total moron and run out in front of a Formula One car, oh, geez. That's a car that will catch up to your moron body faster than you'd… »4/10/15 1:24pm4/10/15 1:24pm

Pirelli Tire Insanity Makes For One Hell Of A Chinese Grand Prix

Tires have been the talk of F1 so far this season. For whatever reason, each week the tires seem to degrade faster and faster. This week, the soft tires would last maybe six laps before a massive performance drop off. But two people were able to take advantage of the tire. And those people were Fernando Alonso and… »4/14/13 2:34pm4/14/13 2:34pm

Fuel Issue Means Mark Webber Will Start Last At Chinese Grand Prix

Hey, it's Mark Webber. You may remember him from such disappointments as the time his Red Bull teammate Sebastian Vettel passed him to win last month's Malaysian Grand Prix despite orders to the contrary, or the time Vettel said he'd probably do that again. Webber is already off to another rough start this weekend at… »4/13/13 8:40am4/13/13 8:40am