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The Saddest Line I've Ever Read In A Racing Live Blog

Screencap via Photo credit: Getty Images.
Screencap via Photo credit: Getty Images.

If a backmarker falls off the timing screen, do they make a sound? Formula One did not have the issues IndyCar had with timing and scoring at Long Beach last weekend, but according to’s live blog of the Chinese Grand Prix, they somehow lost track of the Manor car of Rio Haryanto for a bit.

Advertisement’s live-blogging team wondered on the feed:

Either Haryanto’s transponder is acting up or we’ve lost Haryanto somewhere.

Fortunately, the live blog wrote that Haryanto reappeared moments afterward:

Haryanto’s come through in P15, false alarm.

I suppose it’s a good thing that Haryanto reappeared, but it’s still a bizarre thing to see that he had either briefly gone missing or unnoticed.


If the fifteenth-place car disappears into the void, rest assured, someone might notice, but sadly, it may only be a relatively small note on a racing blog.

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I bet that Manor was pretty concerned when he went missing.

It’s that same feeling of panic you feel when you’re out of the house can’t find your wallet.