This UK Documentary About Company Cars Puts American Psycho To Shame

Is it possible for something to be brain-fossilizingly mundane and yet absolutely fascinating at the same time? This 1993 BBC documentary, about company cars and the executives and sales reps that drive them, does exactly that. You’ve got to hear what these ‘90s era badge-obsessed dipshits think of some remarkably… »Monday 6:00pm11/23/15 6:00pm


Weekend Of A Champion Is The Real Best Motorsports Movie Of The Year

Ron Howard's Rush was to be the first of a wave of motorsports films, a turning point that would make regular Americans finally love F1. It was an enjoyable flick, but it didn't manage to move many non-F1 junkies into theaters and it wasn't quite nerdy enough for hardcore fans. Nerds rejoice! Weekend Of A Champion is… »11/04/13 10:00am11/04/13 10:00am

The Movie The World's End Shows That Hybrids Are For Alien Androids

Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright's Cornetto Trilogy has had some really stellar movies: Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and now The World's End. What's especially interesting about the most recent movie, The World's End, is how much content is conveyed through the use of cars. Oh, and don't worry, there's nothing really »9/19/13 1:30pm9/19/13 1:30pm

How Kurt Busch Got The OK To Drive His Own 'Talladega Nights' Car In A Real Nascar Race

Coming into Talladega, Kurt Busch had no sponsorship for his car. So instead, he decided to run his car decked out in full Ricky Bobby livery — straight from the movie Talladega Nights — in this Sunday's real race. They'll even be playing the roles of the characters from the movie on the in-car communications. »5/04/12 2:00pm5/04/12 2:00pm