The Father And Daughter Stunt Drivers In Some Of Today's Biggest Action Movies

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Stunt driving is an extremely intense, high pressure and dangerous profession, but it’s extremely rewarding for both the audiences that get to enjoy the crazy action on screen and the people that get to do the driving.

One father-daughter duo have made stunt driving the family business. Jalil Jay Lynch started teaching his daughter, Brionna, how to ride motorcycles and drive at the age of three. Today, the duo work on major movies together, pulling off stunts for the Fast And The Furious franchise, Creed and this year’s Jumanji and Black Panther.

Great Big Story went out and profiled the duo, and here’s how they work:

Jalil has been a stunt driver for 27 years, and Brionna’s been in the biz for over four years. She says she doesn’t want to be the best woman driver, nor the best black woman driver, but one of the best drivers, period. And her dad is right there to support her.


It’s not at all surprising to learn that there’s extremely cool and badass people doing all of the extremely cool and badass stunts we see in movies. This is a much better family business than running something like, I don’t know, a small town dental practice.