Nothing On God's Green Earth Is Going To Stop Me From Watching This NASCAR Heist Movie

If “Ocean’s 11 but rednecks and NASCAR” sounds appealing to you, then you’ll be interested to find out that the director of Ocean’s 11 is making Logan Lucky, another heist movie but with dumb, slightly offensive southern stereotypes plotting to rob Charlotte Motor Speedway during the Coca Cola 600.


As someone who unapologetically loves the Ocean’s trilogy, Daniel Craig, and who lives just ten minutes from Charlotte Motor Speedway, I’m going to be checking out Logan Lucky the night it hits theaters.

Sure, it looks like Seth McFarlane is going to ruin yet another experience for me, and sure, the southern-U.S. stereotypes are a little strong but not entirely inaccurate, but seeing bleach-blonde James Bond completely let loose in a movie mocking parts of our culture just begging to be mocked looks like it’s going to be a good time.


I’ll also be taking notes if they successfully loot Charlotte Motor Speedway, so if I suddenly and permanently log off after this movie releases August 18th, don’t come looking.

Reviews Editor, Jalopnik

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mkbruin, Atlas VP

Let’s make a list of all ethnicities and cultures where the embellishment of stereotypes in the name of humor is okay and those where it’s considered racism or discrimination