The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Is The Fun Retro Spy Thriller You Really Should Go See

The Man From U.N.C.L.E. opens with a stylized newsreel depicting the rising tensions between the Communist East and Democratic West during the height of the Cold War, and a world that seemed to teeter on the edge of nuclear apocalypse. It then spends the next two hours depicting it as a funky good time. And it just… »8/24/15 8:15pm8/24/15 8:15pm

All The Things That Should Be On Modern Cars

The other day as I was yelling at some kids to get off my lawn, I realized how old I am. This got me thinking about the cars we had back in the day: cars were rear wheel drive and only your creepy chemistry teacher drove a Japanese import. The cars the kids drive these days are often missing things a real car should… »7/10/15 2:11pm7/10/15 2:11pm

Reddit Kid 'Bullied' Over Miata Was Probably A Hoax, But You're Great

Last week, all over the car-loving internet there was a disturbing story: a 17-year-old buys his first car, a Mazda Miata. Great choice, right? Well, not according to his post on Reddit, where he describes a depressing litany of vandalism to his car by small-minded dipshits who scrawled “bitch boy car” on his MX-5.… »6/03/15 10:00pm6/03/15 10:00pm

Stranger Buys Slain Deputy's Police Car, Gives It To Deputy's Sons

When Tanner Brownlee was 15, his father Sam Brownlee was shot and killed in the line of duty while serving as a sheriff’s deputy in Colorado. Tanner doesn’t have a lot to remember his father by. That’s why he and his brother Chase wanted to buy their dad’s old Dodge Charger police car at a May charity auction. »6/01/15 9:10pm6/01/15 9:10pm