Bringing Automotive Media to Okinawa

The Ryukyu Kingdom, a chain of islands south of the main island of Japan, is better known today as Okinawa. Today, it serves as a beautiful vacation destination for people of Japan and international travelers alike. However, along with the beauty and serenity of its white, sandy, beaches and crystal blue water, it is… » 1/11/15 12:31pm 1/11/15 12:31pm

This Father-Son Gearhead Team Makes Kickass Racing T-Shirts

So Jeff Maciejewski emails us out of the blue to say that he and his son Casey are total racing nerds and have been making t-shirts for fellow racing nerds. He asks me to take a look, and I do, partly because I'm intrigued and partly because he's a journalism professor and I'm a fan of those. » 11/07/14 10:05pm 11/07/14 10:05pm

Hideous $200 Ferrari Air Jordans Will Have You Puking Brand Synergy

I sometimes like to say that Ferrari is the Kanye West of automakers: immensely talented, but also burdened with an ego so massive it has its own gravitational pull. You know who else is worthy of that comparison? Michael Jordan. That's why these new $200 Ferrari-themed Air Jordans make a ton of sense. » 9/03/14 12:06pm 9/03/14 12:06pm

Eastern Europe Has Some Of The World's Best Car Enthusiasts

When I was told that our friend Nino Karotta was organizing a meetup for readers of his site Totalcar and Jalopnik in Budapest's "Heroes Square" to show us American auto journos cars we'd never seen before I expected a small group of people to show up. Instead more than two dozen cars and about 50 true heroes educated… » 8/14/14 2:10pm 8/14/14 2:10pm