Pebble Beach Concours Creates Automotive Communications Scholarship

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When we talk about automotive scholarships, we’re generally talking about a scholarship for engineering, design, or trade elements. But the Pebble Beach Concours—yes, the folks behind the really high-end car show—has created a scholarship for the people interested in automotive communications: journalism, PR, social media, and more.


I don’t think it’s easy to see why someone like me would be excited by that, but it’s what Pebble Beach is doing with the John Lamm Scholarship. Lamm was an exceptional automotive journalist and photographer whose career lasted nearly fifty years before he died at age 76 in October of this year. If you’ve heard of a car magazine, Lamm has probably written for it.

From Concours chairman Sandra Button:

In addition to creating and caring for great cars, we need people who can capture their stories and convey them to future generations. That’s what John did so well for decades, with camera and pen and computer. He photographed and wrote about great cars — as well as the people who made history with them. He also did all he could to connect car people. He was both a communicator and a community builder.

In tribute to John, and in remembrance of the other automotive journalists we’ve lost in recent years (Denise McCluggage, Paul Ingrassia and Thos Bryant spring to mind immediately), we want to do all we can to encourage the car communicators of the future.

While there are currently no details regarding candidates, monetary funds, or distribution, the scholarship is accepting donations and has already brought in some from Ford.

I’m all here for anyone looking to pave the way for a future generation of folks in the communications field—especially in an era where education is so expensive and opportunities are held close to the chest.

Pebble Beach also offers the Phil Hill scholarship for students interested in automotive arts and technical programs, along with the Jules “J.” & Sally Heumann Scholarships designed to fund students in restoration programs.

Other great automotive scholarships include:

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