Jalopnik Is Not Jim Cramer, Please Do Not Buy, Buy, Buy On Our Recommendations

In the course of a normal day we receive dozens of emails from readers who have questions about what we've written, praise for our prose or a desire to see us murdered in various ways for daring to impugn the good name of the Chrysler Sebring. It is therefore a special moment when an email actually catches us off… »10/21/08 2:00pm10/21/08 2:00pm

Chinese Automaker Reveals Keyless Entry Wristwatch For When It's Time To Drive

Leave it to the clever scientists at BYD Auto, who came up with the ferrous battery hybrid and the in-show test drive, to invent a new solution to keyless entry. Tired of carrying a clunky key fob everywhere you go? Try a sharp-looking watch that includes locking functions as well as wireless startup so you can start… »4/23/08 10:40am4/23/08 10:40am

Detroit Auto Show: World Exclusive Surreal, Illegal Test Drive Of Chinese Hybrid Through Cobo Arena

"Holy shit, my boss just drove into the auto show" When I went down to the booth of BYD Auto, a Chinese car maker trying to break into the US market, all I hoped for was a few honest answers to my questions. The motto of the company is "Build Your Dream," but that last thing I'd dream was that BYD's Chairman would… »1/15/08 9:30am1/15/08 9:30am

Detroit Auto Show: Jalopnik Interviews China's Youngest Auto Executive

We're not here just to mock the Chinese Automakers for their Engrish press releases and to accept their nice tea sets. We're actually on the floor getting stories. Yesterday, we interviewed one of two American execs we could find for BYD Auto about the Ferrous Battery Powered Dual Mode Hyrbrid. And how do you get a… »1/15/08 8:45am1/15/08 8:45am