Chinese Promising $35K EV, $28K Dual-Mode Hybrid For US

Illustration for article titled Chinese Promising $35K EV, $28K Dual-Mode Hybrid For US

Chinese automaker BYD's claiming their full-electric 200-mile-range E6 sedan will cost $35,000, their dual-mode hybrid F3DM will cost just $28,000 and they'll sell "tens of thousands" of them by end of 2012. Another test drive's in order. [plugincars]


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China has spent the big bucks buying exact copies of state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, and can clone the appearance of a vehicle down to a "t." They do not, however, have any engineering expertise in the country, and they know nothing of engineering materials. The mystery steel they manufacture their cars out of, and their shoddy building standards, made cars so bad that our government agencies stopped crash testing them because the crash test dummies were being destroyed.

I will never, every buy a Chinese car until this trend is far, far gone.

Just sayin'