BYD E6: 250 Miles Per Charge Electric Car

BYD Auto debuted their E6 full-electric crossover, reportedly capable of a 250-mile trip on just one full charge, putting it ahead of any electric car for sale or announced. We'll probably never see it.


The E6 features a far more advanced exterior design than most of BYD's models and, in pure electric mode, can carry five passengers an estimated 249 miles. By comparison, Ford's long-range electric car planned for 2011 goes 100 miles on a single charge. Like a conventional electric car, it can juice up in approximately eight hours with a conventional charge. With a high-capacity power charger it will be able to achieve a full charge in three hours. Amazingly, at a fast-charge station the car can quick-charge to 50% in ten minutes, allowing someone to travel an estimated 120 miles.


The BYD battery pack is capable of producing at minimum approximately 101 HP but, with a full battery pack and larger motor, an estimated 269 HP. The full configuration will, according to the company, propel the vehicle to 60 MPH in less than eight seconds with a top speed of approximately 100 MPH.

The E6 concept remains a concept, though one BYD seems intent on producing.

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