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Detroit Auto Show: Changfeng Legion "steps on Detroit Auto Show for the second time," Still Without PR Firm

Illustration for article titled Detroit Auto Show: Changfeng Legion steps on Detroit Auto Show for the second time, Still Without PR Firm

Oh boy, if you thought last year's press conference for Changfeng was filled with the hilarious Engrish, you ain't seen nothing yet. True, last year's presser — the first at the Detroit Auto Show from the Chinese automaker — was filled with all sorts of glorious revolutionary language (our fave is still when the Changfeng CEO said he'd "come all over us.") But then we saw this year's press release from the press conference today which we've helpfully posted in larger form here and we realized "Chang Feng" has still not hired a PR agency. We don't have time to do a full OCR on the release, but if anyone wants to take a look at the large version and give us the text below in the comments we'd forever be in your debt. Or you can just read it yourselves — whatever works. Oh and by the way, the headline up top of this post — it's straight off the headline of the press release.


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The 101th North America Auto Show is opened at Detroit officially from January 13 to January 27 of 2009. ChangFeng automobile as Chinese SUV manufacture enterprise is invited to attend the exhibition, and it will bring its changfeng legion to impact this international automobile exhibition which has existed over one hundred years.

It is said that the coming Detroit automobile exhibition is one of the largest-scale automobile with the longest history and it has important effect in the world automobile industry. As the largest SUV manufacture enterprise in China, Chang Feng automobile has revived the invitation of North America International Exhibition for the second time. At that time, Chang Feng will exhibit five Leopard automobiles on the 500m exhibition booth that are: Leopard diesel pattern CS6 and petrol pattern, one Kylin multi-function car, and two Leopard. CS7s

The corresponding principal said that Leopard CS6 is the first urban SUV which the Chang Feng Automobile Corporation has whole self-dominated Intellectual Property. The integral performance is designed by Italian Pininfarina, with is modern and cutting, complete car body, glass diamond light which is like eyes of leopard, the car emanates charm of unrestrainedness, nature, and enthusiasm; with V series platform of Pajero and professional SUV field equipment and world advanced "main control full driven system", favorable trafficability and controllable performance can suit various comprehensive road condition of any country, it achieves the perfect combination of military industry performance and urban fashion

KYLIN is the multifunctional privately-owned car newly developed by ChangFeng Motor, for which the high-grade chassis from Lotus Company (America) is employed. Utilization of more than ten patented technology brings about excellent performance. The ABS system (Delphi) together with support of EBD computer represents the considerable safety. Moreover, as provided with Mitsubishi 4G18 dynamic systems (Japan) and multispot fuel injection system, KYLIN becomes environment-protective and economical as well.

Leopard (CS7) is a kind of fashionable and urban SUV that is going to make its debut in auto market. If adopts the leading global technologies, including auto-driving system, in-vehicle information, interactive integrated platform of amusement, intellectual four driving and other fashionable compositions. Once the concept of modern and beautiful appearance is presented to the public, it is so popular by those citified consumers loving fashion.

As commented by relevant authorities, in January of 2007, Changfeng made its successful debut with two SUVs and two pick-ups in Detroit, won the extensive attention by public and obtained favorable brand effect. In 2008, Changfeng auto made another appearance in auto exposition of South America, which marked the Changfeng Motor, has taken another big step towards the international road.