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Besides Thomas Weber's "Wee-Eight" comment, Mark Fields' description of Mercury as "Not Ford" and the apparent "I am going to cum all over you" line from Changfeng's Chairman Li, we only had Alan Mulally's "Ford blands" bit to keep us giggling. Let's just say Detroit didn't leave us with anything quite as golden as "ALUMINUM UND SHTEEL!" or "Your wife, my wife..." Regardless, there were a few gems that came to us away from the show floor. Transcribed verbal snapshots after the jump.


"The cars need to stay on the track."
-A scowling VW employee who didn't much care for the way Los Jalops were playing with the Rabbit slot cars.

"I'm wasting my life in the back of a brand-new Winnebago."
-Antonio Alvendia bemoaning the laggardliness of his hotel's staff


"Were the Northwest people at the show good to you?"
-Two NWA employees smoking cigarettes outside the terminal at the airport. MC Ren was nowhere in sight.

"Oh, can't you give us a break?"
-Audi Communications operative after hearing we'd entitled our post on the Q7 reveal "ALUMINUM UND SEAL!"


"Some days, I wanna put a bullet in my head. Other days, it's great."
-A DCX employee who shall remain nameless on working for the German-American Hybrid

"Every model comes with a free finger!"
-Dan Neil on the working conditions in Chinese factories


"You remember the Corvair? When I was 19, I got a job at the body shop. This was back when they used lead. I had a 36-grit grinder that ran at 36.000 RPM. My job was to smooth the cars out. I wore a hood pressurized to 5 psi with a hose running out the back. Every two weeks, they'd take a blood sample. After six months, they found a small trace of lead. That's when I quit. That's my experience in the auto industry."
-The shuttle bus driver on the way to the airport

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