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Detroit Auto Show Exclusive: We Talk To Mark Fields, Make Zero Mullet Jokes

Yeah, so every once in a while we get a little serious — and we guess this was one of those times. I sat down yesterday evening in front of the Ford Interceptor concept to talk with FoMoCo Prez of the Americas, Mark Fields. To his credit he didn't deck me — despite the ample opportunities I've provided him in my short tenure here at the Jalop. But this time instead of questioning the man's loyalties to his faith, his Miami-based family or his choices of hairstyle, I questioned him on a diverse set of product topics during our 15 minutes together. We discussed the rear-wheel-drive desire of FoMoCo, how the Edge is the new flagship for the Ford brand, that we should be expecting a B-segment car here in the US by 2009 or 2010. (Which confirms what Fields told us during the holiday party last month — expect to see a B-car in 2009, with a 2010 model year.) In addition, we learned exactly what the Mercury brand really is — "a Ford...that's a little bit different." And you know, that's the first time we've ever heard it described as not-Ford. Well, call a spade a spade, I guess.


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Al Navarro

Excellent...perhaps the Cali cartel could make a WRX wagon roadtrip out of it [all caps of somthing "Super Insertphrasehere Potential" redacted due to fear of overuse and subsequent hate from DGJ] so I could finally meet the stars of the best English language autoblog on the planet.

FWIW, the local Lotus Club has in the past had a tent out front of the Javitz (to beef up Lotus' current 1.5 car lineup with past models) and my car may make an appearance.