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Waiting for the Great Leap Sideways: Changfeng Motor Takes On Detroit

Changfeng debuted a passel of Liebao vehicles on North American shores this afternoon including the CS6, CS7, Feiteng, and of course, the Black Giant, which "never makes you disappointed." Chairman Li took to the stage at Cobo and at one point sounded very much like he said, "I am going to cum all over you." Meanwhile, Mitsubishi partner Changfeng would like you to note that "The Black Giant's body is broadened, thus body becomes more well-stacked and smooth. Strong power drives the mighty body. You will feel full of momentum and great dignity." Is a new Cultural Revolution at hand? Are we being warned that the Third World is just around the corner? Or will the Wayne County palm-greasers who showed up for Changfeng's presentation re-invent Sino-Detwa relations? In any event, "Let a hundred flowers bloom; let a hundred schools of thought contend."

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petejayhawk thinks jim spanfeller is a herb

Why don't these Chinese companies hire English-speaking copywriters or editors? I've never understood why they're content to sound like idiots.