Chinese Automaker Reveals Keyless Entry Wristwatch For When It's Time To Drive

Leave it to the clever scientists at BYD Auto, who came up with the ferrous battery hybrid and the in-show test drive, to invent a new solution to keyless entry. Tired of carrying a clunky key fob everywhere you go? Try a sharp-looking watch that includes locking functions as well as wireless startup so you can start your car from your watch, just like Inspector Gadget! The watch is also kinetic, so you never run out of batteries. And that's not all BYD has up/on its sleeve.


The company also plans to institute a "credit card" keyless entry system to replace those silly metal keys. Unlike the watch, we've actually seen this technology before (though it may be a step up for the Chinese market). If you want to look this cool you're going to need to purchase the Mercedes-esque BYD F8, as the technology is unavailable on the F6 and other models. Keep building your dream Chairman Wang Chanfu, and then driving us around in them. [The Tycho]

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