Buick Has Found A Way To Make Plastics Luxurious

Buick gave us all a little surprise when, instead of just showing us the Opel droptop they worked so hard to re-badge, they pulled this lovely and striking concept car out of their ass/Holden division in Australia. It's an impressive bit of design that's already ruined the trousers of one of our writers, but the real… » 1/12/15 6:20am 1/12/15 6:20am

Why Does This Dealership Have A Waiting List For Buick Grand Nationals?

When hot performance cars like the Hellcat are about to hit the showrooms, it is not uncommon for dealerships to have a waiting list of interested buyers. But one Buick dealer in North Carolina is taking names on a car that doesn't even exist. Is it possible that they have exclusive info on an all new Grand National? » 12/01/14 1:36pm 12/01/14 1:36pm

Buick Is All Over Vine Now, Because Millennials

We can all agree that Buick has made great strides in revamping its image as a grandpa's car to more of a cool uncle's car. But that pesky average buyer's age isn't quite low enough, so Buick — like everyone else — is turning to social media to drive it down. Specifically with a series of well-choreographed Vines. » 6/09/14 3:24pm 6/09/14 3:24pm

13 Concept Cars From the Past That Still Feel Like the Future

When I was a kid, I always loved it when auto show season came around, and the concept cars hit the stage. Looking at those uncommon curves felt like looking into the future, where roads twisted through the heavens and The Jetsons read like a historical document. It's funny how that feeling survives. » 5/05/14 12:56pm 5/05/14 12:56pm