What Possessed Me To Make A Buick Grand National Documentary

The idea for BLACK AIR came on Saturday, January 3rd, 2009. I remember that date because the following Monday, January 5th, I posted on every Grand National and Turbo Regal message board I could find. I used the Sunday in between as a day to reflect, to make sure that I still liked the idea before I started telling… »9/09/13 1:15pm9/09/13 1:15pm

The Jalopnik Film Festival To Host The First Public Screening Of RUSH

Do you want to see Ron Howard's new F1 epic RUSH before anyone else? What about the rally documentary Easier Said Than Done? Do you want to play Gran Turismo 6 early? Then I'm excited to announce you'll be able to do all that and more at the first ever Jalopnik Film Festival, presented by Gran Turismo 6. »8/28/13 4:14pm8/28/13 4:14pm