Let's Discuss The Buick Grand National And Why Cars Make Us Crazy

If you had a Buick Grand National, would you preserve it in an airtight bubble in your garage to protect it for all eternity? That's exactly what one interview subject did in Andrew Filippone Jr.'s fantastic Black Air. We talked about what makes people go car crazy at our Jalopnik Film Festival panel.

Even if you haven't seen Black Airand you should, it's on iTunes and Amazon at the moment — you will probably enjoy the panel discussion I moderated with Andrew, Matt Farah of The Smoking Tire, and Alex Nunez of Road & Track.


We had a wide-ranging discussion about the future of the Grand National and other performance-oriented Buicks, the future of car magazines, and the future of Farah's barn find DeLorean. Check it out. It's a fun one, I promise.

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I guess I never understood the allure of the GNX. IMO, it's a "meh" car with a mildly hot engine whose only claim to fame was being a halfway decent car at a time when GM was making absolute shit.