Black Air: Watch The Trailer For The Documentary Every Car Lover Needs To See And Talk To The Director

The Buick Grand National is one of the mythic beasts of the car world. With a turbocharged V6 and the blackest of black paint, it is the Darth Vader of the roads and has established a fanatical cult following.

This December, an independent documentary about the car called Black Air will be released. Get your first tire shredding look at it here and then jump below to ask director Andrew Filippone Jr. all your questions about the film.


The Grand National was the muscle car of the 80s. It was intimidating, it was fast, and it was black. For a factory built hot rod, Buick really got it right. Hell, it was the fastest accelerating production car in America. It got from 0 to 60 in 4.7 seconds, which is fast by modern standards.

Black Air will premiere on December 11, 2012, exactly 25 years to the day that the last Grand National rolled off of Buick's assembly line.

With the film, Filippone is looking to answer the questions everyone has about the cars: Where did it come from? Where did it fit? And now, two decades after its passing, what is its legacy?

Check out the trailer below and jump in Kinja to get some of the straight dirt from Filippone before the premiere in December.


Andrew had to run, big thanks to him for taking so many questions! Now get out there and see the movie in December!

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