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We may earn a commission from links on this page

Matt Farah, Alex Nunez To Join Black Air Director For Festival Panel

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

As previously boasted, we're hosting the first ever Jalopnik Film Festival later this month. Our first film is the great Black Air and I'm exited to announce how cool the after film Q&A will be.


Not only are we bringing five of the best films from the automotive world to you, dear reader, we're also planning panels to go along with the films featuring the smartest voices in the automotive world… and us!

I'm also excited to announce that Road & Track and /DRIVE will be helping us out with this little endeavor as what we're calling "media partners."


The first film we'll be showing is the great American documentary Black Air, chronicling the creation of the unique Buick Grand National — one of the few great cars to come out of the Malaise Era.

Information about tickets will be coming soon, in the meantime here's who we've got:

Andrew Filippone, Jr. — Filmmaker You may have first seen Filippone, Jr.'s work first with the short film "Charlie Rose" by Samuel Beckett, which pitted Charlie Rose against himself in a surrealist exchange.

Most recently, he wrote and directed the excellent "Black Air," a documentary about the Buick Grand National and the team that brought it together.


Matt Farah — Tuned, The Smoking Tire Farah has driven just about every car you can think of in both stock and modified form, which is an accomplishment if only because he's gigantic. Within that massive noggin is a treasure trove of information he's gathered as host of some of the web's favorite car programs, including Tuned on /DRIVE and The Smoking Tire.


Alex Nunez — Road & Track Alex Nunez is the Web Editorial Director at Road & Track and a former editor at AutoBlog. More importantly, Nunez is one of the foremost leaders of the "brown car" movement with a deep knowledge of American muscle.


Patrick George — Moderator, Jalopnik Patrick George is a Senior Writer at Jalopnik, a former crime beat reporter for The Austin American Statesman, and currently in search of his dream car.