Everything Is Better Behind The Wheel Of A Hand-Made Rocketcar

I remember the first time I saw one of Baron Margo’s rocketcars. It was parked at House of Pies, a little diner near my old house, and, sitting there between some boring sedans, it felt like that parking spot was a rift between universes. Being a writer, I think I said something profound like “holy crap, look at that.” »10/15/15 3:37pm10/15/15 3:37pm


These Sci-Fi Cars Are The Best Future We Can Possibly Imagine

It's too easy to just take supercars and put them in the dystopian world that is to come. It's also too easy to put them into the cyberpunk world that is to come. Or really, any of those futures. What's better is all of those futures, blended together to make a beautiful whole. That's what British artist Khyzyl Saleem… »11/14/14 2:10pm11/14/14 2:10pm

3D Printing Is Finally Making Its Way Over To Crazily- Sculpted Cars

For much of human history the domain of the car with a bunch of random bits slapped on as a symbol of the futility of entropy, or something, I think, has been the domain of the slightly "unique." With increasing access to 3D printing, though, art cars with slapped-on bits have become bonafide, gallery-dwelling works. »11/09/13 10:15am11/09/13 10:15am

Artist Creates Mercedes V12 Out Of Bones, Fossils, Bronze, and More

If you don't look at this and involuntarily say "holy crap," then you should probably contact a physician and ask him why you're so dead. This Mercedes V12 replica was designed by artist Eric van Hove, who broke the Benz V12 down to 400+ constituent parts and contracted artisans all over Morocco to duplicate it. »8/28/13 3:03pm8/28/13 3:03pm

I Saw Homer's Odyssey Performed In A Honda Odyssey On An LA Freeway

I really like seeing cars used in novel ways. So when I heard Machine Project was planning a performance of Homer's Odyssey in Honda's Odyssey, I was interested. The end result was striking, engaging, smelly, and disturbing in a fun way, and makes me appreciate the performance potential of minivans. »7/22/13 10:08am7/22/13 10:08am

The Beetle Sphere Is The Natural Conclusion Of The VW Beetle

The Volkswagen Beetle has always been a very round car. In its first iteration, its bubble-shaped roof and front hood always seemed to be attempting to find equilibrium with its sloping rear, and that trend only seemed to continue as generations went on. Now, it looks like that equilibrium has been reached. »6/01/13 10:00am6/01/13 10:00am