Photo: Gene Leeds

This Corvette Z06 with the Z07 package and all the options was close to $100,000 when new, which doesn’t exactly make it the ideal ride of the proletariat masses you think of when you picture a Bernie Sanders supporter. So what the hell is going on here?

Remember when James Glickenhaus bought a Corvette Z06 for his daughter the moment he wasn’t busy racing at the Nürburgring? Well, this is that black Z06 under a wrap.

Gene Leeds, Veronica’s husband, turned their practical grocery getter into a ‘Bernie Art Car’ for a school project. Said Leeds:

I’m a visual art student at Columbia University. I’m looking to get into making art cars for people when I graduate this summer. Personally, I feel there’s much more presence in a car that’s actually painted as opposed to using printed vinyl. I first wrapped the car in Sanders stickers and then painted red, white, blue, and clear 3M vinyl using a printmaking process called silkscreen. Once all that dried I painted clear acrylic over the new paint to protect it from the elements. From there it was all cut and paste.

Why Sanders? Well I enjoy the political theatre every four years surrounding the presidential election, and this year has needless to say been overwhelmingly entertaining and often concerning.

My candidate is Bernie Sanders for all the reasons that have finally become clear to people by now. I wanted to do something extremely American with an American car in an attempt to support the underdog. The response thus far has been 99% positive which is far more than I was expecting. Other than my coming out of a store and seeing that someone spit on it, a lot, people of all ages and backgrounds have asked to take photos of it.

Parents ask if their their kid can sit in it. At least once a day an older woman will come up to me and say “Bernie must win I’ll never vote for Hillary.” I’ve been lucky enough to have driven and ridden in a lot of supercars and hypercars, but I have never experienced the overwhelming attention this thing gets during my 100 mile round trip in and out of the city. Hopefully Bernie will survive tomorrow and the car wont become outdated anytime soon.

When I do eventually peel it, it will still be pristine.

Photo: Gene Leeds
Photo: Gene Leeds
Photo: Gene Leeds

In other news, Bernie Sanders would not approve this message.

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