I Don't Totally Get What's Going on With These Inflated British Car Animations But I Sure Like Them

The British creative studio INK has been having some fun lately, sort of both at the expense of and in glorification of some of the most notorious British cars from the 1970s. I’m not entirely sure of what any actual message that these animations may be saying, but they’re incredibly well done and deeply amusing to watch. Plus, I kind of love these cars.


INK’s webpages refer to these experiments as “Bloated Motors,” and describe the project like this:

“A bloated blast from a timeless past. Our playful set of CGI animations pay homage to a trio of seventies vehicles from a period of design that taste forgot: the Austin Allegro, Triumph TR7 and the Austin Princess.”

I guess BMC was pretty bloated around that time, though I tend to think of them more as a company that sank, instead of floated. Still, now I know how an Austin Allegro Macy’s Day Parade balloon would look, and I feel like that’s important:

How about another Austin, a Princess?


And, why not try it with a very un-balloon-looking car, the angular wedge-shaped Triumph TR7?


Now I just wish I could shake the feeling that somewhere out there, someone might be getting off to these.

(Thanks, Christian!)

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Middle-Aged Pedant Kinja Turtle

“Now I just wish I could shake the feeling that somewhere out there, someone might be getting off to these.”

Trust your feelings.