Thankfully, This AMX Contains Almost No American Motors Content

Despite having a timeless Richard Teague design, TransAm racing cred, and being the car that would break AMC out of its George Romney-era economy-car mold, the AMC Javelin's hi-po AMX version always appeared uncomfortable in its own skin. But will a total, pro-touring makeover solve its issues? » 11/19/12 3:30pm 11/19/12 3:30pm

Win On Sunday, Still Don't Sell On Monday: Screamin' AMCs In…

Sure, there were plenty of Mustangs, Camaros, and Challengers- not to mention a few furrin jobs in the 2-liter class- roaring around the track in the Historic 1966-74 Trans Am Cars event yesterday, but: red-white-and-blue Javelins and AMXs! The sound of 40 V8s WFO on the track overwhelmed my poor camera's… » 8/17/08 3:00pm 8/17/08 3:00pm

Muscle Car Wars Of 1978: Hood Decals Strike Back

It's a Friday, and it's the week before our most patriotic of U.S. holidays. What better time to take a look back at the best of American muscle machinery? Aha, but there's a catch: We're only going to go back 30 years. That's right, 1978. The Malaise era was striking back with a new breed of muscle cars. While not as… » 6/27/08 12:00pm 6/27/08 12:00pm

PCH, George W. Romney Edition: 1970 or 1973 AMX?

For reasons that no doubt made sense at the time, the utterly hopeless Cord triumphed over the absolutely impossible Lamborghini in yesterday's Choose Your Eternity poll. After those two high-ticket machines, I figured we should take a look at some good old American muscle, from the Golden Age of V8-powered… » 1/08/08 5:00pm 1/08/08 5:00pm

Yes, a '79 AMX... and It Can Be Yours!

Some might say that the AMC Spirit-based '79 AMX isn't a "true" AMX... but those are the same people who say the 1974 GTO was really just a Ventura, or that the 1975 Mach 1 was just a Pinto with a 140hp 302. Ignore these nattering nabobs of negativism. The 1979 AMX is real, dammit! And this guy on Craigslist is fool… » 2/23/07 12:50pm 2/23/07 12:50pm