Adam Carolla To Make Documentary On Paul Newman's Racing Career

Cool Hand Luke star, Nissan Skyline enthusiast and noted handsome person Paul Newman was as famous for his love of motorsports as he was for his films. Now, comedian, gearhead and star of the ill-fated The Car Show Adam Carolla is working on a new documentary about Newman's racing career. » 10/23/13 5:15pm 10/23/13 5:15pm

I was at the Top Gear USA NBC Pilot Episode

This hasn't come up in quite some time. It's actually Ray Wert era Jalopnik, but I was just daydreaming about my trip to LA to see the first episode of what would eventually be the first of two different Top Gear USA series. I assume nothing ever came of the Jalopnik challenge as I'm sure the pilot would have ended… » 4/10/13 3:43pm 4/10/13 3:43pm

SPEED postpones Adam Carolla conference call after homophobic rant

We were supposed to talk to Adam Carolla today about the first season of The Car Show, but the event was cancelled following a rant on his podcast where he claimed the LGBT community should shut up about getting equal rights and stop "ruining his life." » 8/17/11 1:30pm 8/17/11 1:30pm

Top Gear USA audience eight times larger than The Car Show

Ratings for SPEED's The Car Show with Adam Carolla and the second season of History's Top Gear USA show the latter with an audience of approximately 2.0 million viewers, compared to just 249,000 for the former. » 7/26/11 1:30pm 7/26/11 1:30pm

The Car Show First Episode: Open Thread

If you've got SPEED (the network, not the drug), you might want to tune in at 10 PM EST to see The Car Show. Discuss the bits, the remotes, and the desk right here. » 7/13/11 9:30pm 7/13/11 9:30pm

The Car Show debuts tonight at 10 PM EST

Make sure to tune-in to see The Car Show with Adam Carolla on SPEED tonight at 10 PM EST. Come from the car humor, stay for the two hours of Pinks. » 7/13/11 12:30pm 7/13/11 12:30pm

The Car Show hosts transform into giant wieners for soapbox derby

In my dreams, I am an eagle, gliding above mountains and plains, diving for the silver flash of a salmon. In my nightmares, Dan Neil dons a hot-dog costume and shouts at me through a bullhorn. Here's a new clip of stuntwork from Adam Carolla's "The Car Show," due to be yanked from the hot wiener water this Wednesday… » 7/12/11 4:30pm 7/12/11 4:30pm

Adam Carolla's "The Car Show" features worst damn set

Many questions abound about how "The Car Show with Adam Carolla" will differentiate itself from "Top Gear USA" since both shows are about car guys hanging out and driving cars. This first trailer shows the first big difference: a really crappy set. » 6/27/11 12:30pm 6/27/11 12:30pm

The Car Show with Adam Carolla starts July 13th

Adam Carolla's "The Car Show" featuring Dan Neil, Matt Farah and John Salley will open the network's summer season on SPEED Wednesday, July 13th at 10 PM EST. » 6/21/11 4:00pm 6/21/11 4:00pm

The Car Show adds Ezra Dyer, Aaron Robinson to writing team

Speed TV's adding talented auto scribes Ezra Dyer and Aaron Robinson to "The Car Show" team. "The Car Show will be the definitive U.S. program on everything automotive," said Speed President Hunter Nickell. And that's a real high bar. » 4/25/11 2:45pm 4/25/11 2:45pm

Adam Carolla and Dan Neil's "Car Show" picked up by Speed

Adam Carolla, Dan Neil, John Salley and Matt Farah's TV show has been picked up by the octane-obsessed network for a 13 episode run starting in July. » 4/06/11 11:00am 4/06/11 11:00am

Adam Carolla's "Best Damn Car Show" To Take On Top Gear USA

What happens when a spurned funnyman, a Pulie-winning automotive scribbler, an ex-NBA star and an online video impresario with the facial hair of a Civil War colonel bring the heat to a much-maligned automotive TV show? It's anyone's guess. » 12/13/10 3:00pm 12/13/10 3:00pm

What I Learned At Celebrity Driving School

Before Steve Millen, winner of the 1994 24 Hours of Daytona, could compete in this weekend's Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race, he had to attend a beginner's driving school. Here's a first-hand account he wrote exclusively for us. —Ed. » 4/16/10 12:00pm 4/16/10 12:00pm

Top Gear USA Alive, Heading To History Channel

Despite being killed by NBC, Top Gear USA lives on at The History Channel. Sources there tell us they've ordered between 10 and 12 episodes and they're currently interviewing candidates for the hosts. » 2/15/10 12:00pm 2/15/10 12:00pm

Jalopnik's $5000 Top Gear USA NBC Pilot Episode Challenge

With the Late Night Wars carpet-bombing NBC's 10:00 slot, the network's hurriedly scrounging for filler. One show they're not contemplating? The ill-fated cargasm, Top Gear USA. Was the pilot so horrendous it's unwatchable? We've got $5,000 to find out. » 1/21/10 1:30pm 1/21/10 1:30pm

Top Gear USA Host Eric Stromer Rolls Camry Hybrid In Hollywood

Midafternoon last Wednesday, Top Gear USA host Eric Stromer » 11/15/08 9:00pm 11/15/08 9:00pm's Toyota Camry Hybrid flipped after being hit from behind while traveling through the streets of Hollywood. The blow slid the car up onto a curb and the car rolled up onto it's passenger side. A decidedly stoic palm tree put a stop to the proceedings although…

EXCLUSIVE: US Top Gear To Put Howie Mandel And Melanie B In…

Well folks, we've now heard from two separate sources that the reasonably-priced car that Adam Carolla, Tanner Foust and Eric Stromer will drop stars behind the wheel of will be none other than the Kia Rio. But that's not all we've learned. Our sources also tell us the first two stars to sit behind the wheel will be… » 7/25/08 6:15pm 7/25/08 6:15pm

Top Gear US Filming In-Studio Audience Segment This Weekend, Want To Go?

According to a casting call for on-camera audiences, Top Gear USA's filming the in-studio segment for their pilot episode this weekend out in sunny Los Angeles. Interested in standing around for hours on end? Want to see whether Adam Carolla, Tanner Foust and Eric Stromer can pick up the mantle from Jezza and the UK… » 7/23/08 10:00am 7/23/08 10:00am

Adam Carolla: Top Gear For "Real Gearheads"

Adam Carolla, car guy, comedian and now, the new host of the US-Spec version of Top Gear, took a break from show-prep to talk to Popular Mechanics about the new NBC show. PopMech manages to get Carolla to reveal a lot about the show, including answers on why the ZR1 isn't top on his list of cars to review, his issues… » 6/24/08 4:30pm 6/24/08 4:30pm