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The Car Show with Adam Carolla starts July 13th

Illustration for article titled The Car Show with Adam Carolla starts July 13th

Adam Carolla's "The Car Show" featuring Dan Neil, Matt Farah and John Salley will open the network's summer season on SPEED Wednesday, July 13th at 10 PM EST.


The show says it'll offer up a "perfect mix of comedy, shop talk and eye candy," which we hope is a reference to cars and not an explanation for why John Salley is there. The new show will run for an hour and will be sandwiched in between four hours of "PINKS" reruns. That's not a joke.

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Matt Brown

I just clicked on that "not a joke" link, and now I'm having this existential anxiety that, as a car guy, I might have a lot in common with people who watch 8 hours of PINKS and American Trucker every day.

Makes me want to buy a Prius.