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What happens when a spurned funnyman, a Pulie-winning automotive scribbler, an ex-NBA star and an online video impresario with the facial hair of a Civil War colonel bring the heat to a much-maligned automotive TV show? It's anyone's guess.

The as-yet untitled new Speed TV show—described as "Top Gear" meets Fox Sports' "The Best Damn Sports Show Period"—will star Carolla, Wall Street Journal auto writer Dan Neil, John "Spider" Salley of the '96 Chicago Bulls (and TBDSSP), and Matt Farah, the sideburn'd host of online video program "The Smoking Tire."


If you'll recall, Carolla hosted NBC's attempt at porting the UK's "Top Gear" to the US, which resulted in a pilot or two but nothing that ever aired. The new show is the product of Mandt Bros. Productions, which also produces "Ice Brigade," whatever that is, for the Food Network (actually, it's about ice sculptures). Variety reporst that the show will feature news and conversation about cars and pre-recorded features shot on the road, like "Top Gear."

No word on a production date, but you know we'll be bugging the crap out of those guys until they talk.

(UPDATE: Sources tell us the show is still a pilot and Speed TV has yet to commit.)

[via Variety]

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