Ford Fiesta First Minicar To Snag IIHS Top Safety Pick Award

The Ford Fiesta sedan/hatchback is the first minicar to earn the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's (IIHS) Top Safety Pick award since the IIHS added a roof strength requirement for rollover protection. » 8/25/10 11:00am 8/25/10 11:00am

The Ford Fiesta Will Dominate The Small Car Segment

Everyone talks about how the Ford Fiesta will do against other compact cars. But now that it's been EPA-certified at 29MPG city, 40MPG highway, we're thinking it can take on bigger cars — and kick their asses. » 5/18/10 12:00pm 5/18/10 12:00pm

2011 Ford Fiesta: First Drive

At long last, the U.S.-spec Ford Fiesta is here. It is slightly heavier than its European counterpart, but it's still the best small car you can buy in this country. Welcome to the party, America. » 4/26/10 12:00am 4/26/10 12:00am

Ford Debuts Voice-Control Of Smartphone Apps, But Not For iPhone

Ford's adding voice control for Android and Blackberry apps like Pandora to their SYNC in-car infotainment system. Now the only risk in "thumbing up" a Dave Matthews Band song while driving is to your cred. But where's the iPhone control? » 4/20/10 9:30am 4/20/10 9:30am

2011 Ford Fiesta Debut FAIL!

The 2011 Ford Fiesta made its Irish debut on their version of The Apprentice last night. We've seen the car, but the U.S. reveal didn't involve a "sleek and attractive" B-lister eating floor. Oh no, it's contagious! » 12/15/09 5:30pm 12/15/09 5:30pm

Ford Quotes "" In Fiesta Display

The folks at Ford may have engineered the largest tweet-up ever for the Ford Fiesta, but they're still lacking in the spelling department. Of course, we'd rather quote than Can you spot the other error? (H/T to Parkington!) » 12/09/09 5:30pm 12/09/09 5:30pm

US Ford Fiesta Pricing To Start At $13,320!

Pricing for the 2011 Ford Fiesta has gone live. Ford's new B-segment supermini will start at a price of $13,320 (plus destination, tax) for the sedan, $15,120 for the hatchback. [Ford] » 12/03/09 1:15pm 12/03/09 1:15pm

2011 Ford Fiesta: The Party Finally Comes Stateside

Though we saw leaked images of the 2011 Ford Fiesta yesterday, today we've got complete details on Ford's second Europe-to-US entry. The Fiesta hits our shores as either hatchback or sedan with a new dry-clutch automatic transmission and 40MPG highway. » 12/02/09 12:00am 12/02/09 12:00am

2011 Ford Fiesta U.S. Sedan, Hatchback Revealed Accidentally

The folks at Ford Canada may have inadvertently leaked these pictures of what appears to be the U.S-bound 2011 Ford Fiesta ahead of its LA Auto Show debut. The obnoxious grille on the sedan definitely screams America. » 11/30/09 3:45pm 11/30/09 3:45pm

Want To Drive With Jill Hanner?

Live in NYC and free Friday from 8:30 to noon? Want to ride in Jill Hanner's Fiesta Movement Euro-spec Ford and be in a Joan Rivers video? Willing to submit to background checks so she knows you're not a creep? » 6/17/09 12:10pm 6/17/09 12:10pm

800 HP Ford Fiestas To Storm Pike's Peak

Ford has announced it will enter two Fiestas in the 2009 Pike's Peak International Hill Climb. With 800 HP 2.0 liter four-cylinders forged in the fires of hell they certainly won't be your Grandma's econobox. » 5/28/09 1:30pm 5/28/09 1:30pm

Stolen Ford Fiesta Towed, Not Stolen

Remember when Ford's Scott Monty put out a Twitter-APB on Jake Bronstein's "stolen" Ford Fiesta? Turns out they were tracking another "Fiesta Movement" winner, and Jake's car is trapped in NYC's hellish impound system. » 5/26/09 11:00am 5/26/09 11:00am

Hot Chicks Wash A Ford Fiesta

You have to watch these hot and wet chicks saucily soaping up their Fiesta Movement Ford Fiesta, getting it squeaky clean. Each time we've watched this video it's gotten us more and more... hungry. [BrittaniLouiseTaylor] » 5/18/09 5:30pm 5/18/09 5:30pm

2009 Ford Fiesta Gets Cirque Du Soleil'd In Shanghai

Ford had quite the display in Shanghai. They dropped an '09 Fiesta from the roof, ecoBoosted a Flex, showed off a Euro-Focus racer, the kinetic-designed Iosis Max Concept and had flying, leather-clad booth professionals. Rowr! » 4/25/09 2:30pm 4/25/09 2:30pm

Ford Fiesta: First Drive

Want a small, cheap, fun-to-drive, economical, practical car? Right now there's not many choices at all and none if you want to buy American. The Ford Fiesta will change that. » 4/02/09 4:00pm 4/02/09 4:00pm