US Ford Fiesta Pricing To Start At $13,320!

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Pricing for the 2011 Ford Fiesta has gone live. Ford's new B-segment supermini will start at a price of $13,320 (plus destination, tax) for the sedan, $15,120 for the hatchback. [Ford]



Geo Metro Man

I am disappointed that they will not be offering a cheap, bare bones hatch. At this price point, the Honda Fit suddenly starts to look attractive once again (well... except for it's minivan looks). Sorry, but the sedan just won't cut it as the only cheap one. A subcompact sedan is sort of useless.

I did go through and price one out last night ( I posted the pricing in the last Fiesta thread, but I don't have a star so it does not show), and came up with $15,795 as the cheapest I could go when destination, etc. was factored in. I figured it was also worth it to add the sport package because for $255 you also got cruise control and alloy wheels. Add to it the free sync package if you pre-order and you get a fairly well equipped car for $16,050. Why power locks require a much higher trim level is beyond me, but this is about the best Fiesta you can do on a budget. I think I will wait and see what the Mazda 2 pricing comes out to. It may be the better budget choice of the two.