Stolen Ford Fiesta Towed, Not Stolen

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Remember when Ford's Scott Monty put out a Twitter-APB on Jake Bronstein's "stolen" Ford Fiesta? Turns out they were tracking another "Fiesta Movement" winner, and Jake's car is trapped in NYC's hellish impound system.


This kinda of makes us wonder just how good Ford's GPS tracking system is, and what kind of criminals it would have taken to steal a car with keyless start and then figure out a way to disable the GPS tracking. Maybe they'd have wrapped a wet towel around its antenna to mute the signal, Total Recall-style. Anyway, after learning of Ford's not-so-gee-whiz tracking capabilities, Jake naturally turned to the next suspect: the near-criminal towing agencies in New York.


It's fairly common for vehicles to be entered into impound with improper plate numbers and effectively lost. The car didn't turn up as impounded but Jake and a lady-friend went down to the local yard and took a photo over the wall, taking a picture which offers irrefutable evidence they do indeed have Jake's Fiesta. Purple with pink dots on one of 100 cars in the US which happens to be in New York City offers pretty strong odds it's the right car.

Despite the evidence the folks running things refuse to admit they have the car. Welcome to impound hell, Mr. Bronstein. [ZoomDoggle]

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Phylip Dana Mason

i would just go into the impound and drive it out. if they claim not to have it...prove them wrong. lol.